Everyone wants peace in their lives. Peace from the daily grind. Peace from bills, work, commitments and obligations...the tensions that often accompany life as we know it. But can true peace be found in this life?


The answer is YES.


The Author of life never meant for us to create a world that would choke the joy from us...but He knew we would, so....He created a plan that would make a way for us to have lasting peace, the kind that transcends time, space and circumstance.


He knew that our life choices, made from imperfect and sinful hearts, created the lack of peace we experience and we were unable to change our hearts.


His love for each one of us was so enormous that He decided to send someone...the only One Who could make the sacrifice necessary to provide perfect and eternal peace. He sent His precious and perfect Son to accomplish the mission.


Jesus was and is that perfect Son Who came to earth and laid down His

life in great pain and sorrow to make a way for YOU and me to enjoy

perfect peace. His work for us was completed when He rose up from the grave on the third day, as He had promised....and now sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us moment by moment.


If you have grown tired of the restlessness of your soul, as I did...and you desire that perfect peace that this world and all it's bobbles fail to provide... simply say yes to the Author of your life and hand Him your pain and scars, your disappointments and fears, and the broken pieces of your heart, and ...even as you read this....He will do what no man could or would do for you...He'll give you a new beginning and peace to last a lifetime!


If you have made the decision to say yes, as I did...

I'd like to know....OR....if you

have any further questions about making this decision, 

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May Sar Shalom (the Prince of Peace) 

richly bless you with HIS peace.